With over 10 years in IT industry, Megapartnership has a committed team of professionals with an ambition to deliver high-quality software products to satisfy your business needs.

Since 2005, our leading experts in information technology and innovation have been developing multichannel software solutions for a wide array of industries. Our main areas of expertise include design and development of information systems (b2b and b2c) for finance and aviation, Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions, cross-industry custom application development, including mobile apps for shopping malls, department stores and retail chains.

The key objective of the project Retail 2.0 is to establish effective partnership relations between shopping center owners, retailers and shoppers via a mobile application.

At Megapartnership, we have set a new trend for today’s retail industry due to building a new retail environment that combines both online presence and offline presence (brick-and-mortar stores) in accordance with the O2O (online-to-offline) commerce strategies. Retail 2.0 is a software platform with extendable functionality for iOS and Android devices.