What is Retail 2.0?

Retail 2.0 is a mobile service designed exclusively for shopping malls and retail chains. Megapartnership LLC is a multi-channel mobile technology company and the creator of the mobile commerce platform with extensible functionality for a wide array of mobile devices.

User content creation and delivery via the mobile platform is one of the priority areas of our business.

The main strategic objective of ​​creating user content is to acquire new clients and achieve customer retention both at a particular point in time (for instance, while visiting the shopping mall) and in the long term due to personalized offers.

We invented a unique service that can influence consumers’ buying behavior regardless of their location, providing a new revenue source for shopping malls and an opportunity to multiply retail sales. We bring the most efficient marketing strategies applied by retail chains to shopping malls.

Implementation of the mobile service is free. Monetization of the project is carried out by engaging shopping malls, their retail tenants, visitors, and service providers into interactive business scenarios aimed at gaining profit from the use of the platform.

Retail 2.0 is a customer-focused mobile platform; it engages the consumer and provides value-added benefits to ensure future and repeat use of the mobile apps and in-app services. In today’s competitive environment, we predict and influence customers’ buying behavior. When the user opens the mobile app of the shopping mall for the first time, it grabs and holds user’s attention thanks to compelling content and increased usability.

In addition, we offer a wide array of advantageous features tailored  for our clients and aimed at increasing customer loyalty and engagement: